Perforated Metal Panels and How Wire Mesh Is Used

Stainless steel wire mesh is a sheet of screen-like metal. It is very strong and versatile. It is made from stainless steel wire, crimped and welded together in a grid pattern. It can be purchased in prefabricated sheets of various sizes and strengths, and then fabricated further in a shop of in site. It can be ordered with different gauges or wire and different aperture sizes. It is sometimes also called wire mesh, welded mesh, weld mesh and welded wire mesh.

wire mesh sky background

Wire mesh is commonly used for fencing, safety guards and security barricades, but it is also used by artists to reinforce sculpture structures, and by archaeologists, gardeners, and animal keepers.

Mesh made from grade 304 stainless steel (18% chromium and 18% nickel) is very resistant to corrosion and rust, and performs well outside or inside, in a wide variety of harsh conditions. It does not need an additional protective coating.

The smooth surface of the stainless steel means that it is easy to clean and does not harbour bacteria or harmful substances. It is therefore often used in the food and health industries. A bonus is that it is resistant to scratches, denting and other damage, looks good, and requires very little maintenance.

Steel mesh sheets are easily welded to metal frames, can take a hole for a screw, bolt, or other fastener, and can even be bent and shaped into baskets of various dimensions and strengths.

Welded wire mesh

Welded wire mesh is an electric-fusion-welded, prefabricated sheet of wires. One set runs in parallel, longitudinal lines and is joined to a set of cross wires. Spacing is accurate and varies with the desired function. Welded wire mesh is also called welded wired fabric or weldmesh.

welded wire mesh

The accuracy of the spacing and welds is ensured by mechanical manufacture. The use of this product can mean significant savings in money, labour and time.

Uses of welded wire mesh

Mesh screens made up of low carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire can be used for a variety of purposes. They are used in barrier fencing, mining, quarrying and goods processing, machine protection, gardening, decorative design, transportation, agriculture, horticulture, food production and services, and a wide range of other industries. One of the wider uses of it is in reinforcing slabs of concrete for construction of solid pads for parking and similar purposes.


Welded wire fabric (WWF) for concrete slab reinforcement

Weldmesh for reinforcing slab concrete is a square grid of uniform wires, welded at each intersection. It must meet ASTM A185 and A497 or similar standards, depending on its area and purpose. Sizes are specified by listing the spacing and wire cross section area in hundredths of square inches, or in mm2.

Electro galvanized welded wire mesh with square opening

Mainly used in building fencing and infrastructure, this corrosion-resistant wire mesh can come in rolls or panels, and is also used for various industrial purposes.

Hot dipped galvanized welded mesh

Made from plain steel wire that has been covered in hot zinc, this mesh has square openings that are well-suited to animal cage construction, other wire boxes, partitions, grills, gratings, and fencing and cages to protect machinery or operators of machinery.

PVC coated welded mesh

PVC coated welded mesh combines the strength and structural durability of steel with the smoother, less-abrasive surface of PVC plastic. A PVC powder coating is applied by machine and includes a strong adhesive for increased durability. The coating protects the wire from corrosion and is less potentially damaging to skin or scratchable surfaces that may come into contact with it.

It is commonly used in residential and official properties, including gardens and parks, public buildings including schools and nurseries, and can come in a variety of colours, making it ideal as a functional yet highly decorative building material.

Welded stainless steel mesh

Mainly used for industrial fencing, welded stainless steel mesh has a high strength rating and high structural integrity. It can put up with rough treatment without failing. The wire is corrosion-resistant and long lasting. It is also used in mining, transportation, agriculture and horticulture, entertainment and public gathering management, and many more areas.

Welded wire fencing

Welded wire fencing most often comes in rolls. It is available in galvanised or non-galvanised forms, the latter being less costly, and in used largely for fencing and other situations in which a see-through barrier is suitable, or one which will let air flow freely through it while protecting contents from outsiders or vice versa.

Welded steel bar gratings

Welded steel bar gratings is very high strength, is easy to install, and the cost is very reasonable for the value received. It is used for grating roads, making coverings for drains, and for building safety and security walls. It is also widely used in chemical plantation, platform construction, metallurgy, and more.

Perforated Metal Panels

Perforated metal panels are an important part of the wire mesh process, helping to finish off building construction with a more elegant and permanent solutions to outdoor steel cladding. There are many ways you can get a hold of this, but the best way is through a perforated metal panel supplier UK.

How Students From Around the World Can Better Connect to God at Home

For those who are looking to connect with God, there is not better activity than praying for redemption. But for children and adults visiting University or College, it can be very difficult to maintain that faith in a world of temptation and bad peers. That’s why we’ve documented the best places for students to get faith information around the USA and United Kingdom.

Student Accommodation Locations to Get More Information

United States

Here are our recommended centres to visit in the United States of America, which can help those students of faith maintain their beliefs in safety.


For Texas students in accommodation, we recommend most college students visit the Uni of Texas Religious group page for a regular Christian ceremony.


If you’re a student in Washington, then you can visit the website for a Church that will help you worship regularly.


If you live in California, then I would highly recommend the University religious organizations here, which is a fantastic religious institution.

United Kingdom

If you’re a student in the United Kingdom, and you want to get in touch with God, then here are some locations that will be great for you to do so.


We believe that Strawberry Student Homes in Sheffield is dedicated to helping students become more connected to the spirit and getting in touch with Gods of all religions.


We have heard that the local centre around the central accommodation such as here, can be used to help get students connected to the Lord.


In central London, there are plenty of centres to choose from, including the Faith centre at LSE.

For those on the outskirts and surrounding areas, you can use this religion directory system to find a centre near you:

Majestique Rattan Proven to Work in the Outdoors and Conservatories

After the release of their new reclining rattan garden furniture, Majestique Rattan are right back into the mix, with the proof that they are just as adequate for both your garden, and within your conservatory setting.

Why would you want both?

One of the main benefits to having a set of furniture that works both indoors and outdoors is that you’ve got the flexibility to change depending on the weather and who you are entertaining. For example if the sun comes out and you want to have a BBQ, a Majestique set can be taken outdoors to enjoy it. Likewise if your garden furniture can be used indoors, when the showers come you can move the party indoors to your conservatory, without exchanging any of the comfort.

The Benefits of Majestique Rattan

There are various reasons as to why Majestique rattan tends to be better at this than most brands of garden furniture:

  1. Aluminium frames – this makes the furniture light weight, allowing you to easily move it from indoors to outdoors without straining yourself. It also gives the added bonus of making the furniture all weather, allowing you to leave it outside in the snow and rain without a cover.
  2. Reclining chairs – these are extra comfy, and they allow you to enjoy them equally in the summer sun, or the winter indoors. They also come with extra thick cushions for added comfort.
  3. Many colours – you can choose a style and colour combination that fits with your own home, enabling you to pick something that compliments both the conservatory and the garden.

We highly recommend you checkout Majestique Reclining Rattan Furniture, and see how it can be used for conservatories, alongside the benefits of choosing a durable set for the UK weather. You can find out more about Majestique Rattan in this video:


UK Company Creating Waves in the Gardening Space

Have you ever needed a relaxing area to sit outside in your back yard? I know I have. But it can be difficult to find an affordable and reliable provider, especially in the UK.

We look into the new company owned by Sapcote Garden Centre, who are starting to create waves in the UK online industry in 2016.

Who are Gardencentreshopping?

They are an online furniture retailer, owned and operated by Sapcote Garden Centre, and based in Sapcote, Leicestershire, United Kingdom. They provide premium quality garden furniture, available for home delivery, and are known for their Winawood™ weatherproof range, as well as their reclining rattan furniture range. Both of these items are known to be highly weather-resistant, with the Winawood™ coming with a 2 year guarantee. Not bad for a product that you can leave outside all year round.

More information can be found here:

During March and Spring time, the planting season in your allotment will change drastically. That’s why now it’s Autumn, you want to be preparing your materials for next spring, and preparing the ground areas so that they are ready for March time planting. Things like compost, bulbs, and seeds should be purchased as early as possible.

The video above mentions more on the weatherproof furniture situation at Gardencentreshopping, and can be an interesting watch if you haven’t seen it before.

Gardening Resources for The United Kingdom

If you’re planning on getting outside and maintaining your garden this summer, then please feel free to browse the various resources we have below.

They include useful information on how to plant certain species, as well as soil information, temperature control, checking the moisture in your soil, and much more.

If you have any questions, you can always email us for more information, or to add your resource to the list.

UK Soil Info:

These useful guides are for detecting the types of soil in your garden:

UK Plant Types:

These are the most common plant varieties in the UK that thrive in the conditions:

UK Climate Conditions:

Here is some information on the general climate conditions in the United Kingdom: