Majestique Rattan Proven to Work in the Outdoors and Conservatories

After the release of their new reclining rattan garden furniture, Majestique Rattan are right back into the mix, with the proof that they are just as adequate for both your garden, and within your conservatory setting.

Why would you want both?

One of the main benefits to having a set of furniture that works both indoors and outdoors is that you’ve got the flexibility to change depending on the weather and who you are entertaining. For example if the sun comes out and you want to have a BBQ, a Majestique set can be taken outdoors to enjoy it. Likewise if your garden furniture can be used indoors, when the showers come you can move the party indoors to your conservatory, without exchanging any of the comfort.

The Benefits of Majestique Rattan

There are various reasons as to why Majestique rattan tends to be better at this than most brands of garden furniture:

  1. Aluminium frames – this makes the furniture light weight, allowing you to easily move it from indoors to outdoors without straining yourself. It also gives the added bonus of making the furniture all weather, allowing you to leave it outside in the snow and rain without a cover.
  2. Reclining chairs – these are extra comfy, and they allow you to enjoy them equally in the summer sun, or the winter indoors. They also come with extra thick cushions for added comfort.
  3. Many colours – you can choose a style and colour combination that fits with your own home, enabling you to pick something that compliments both the conservatory and the garden.

We highly recommend you checkout Majestique Reclining Rattan Furniture, and see how it can be used for conservatories, alongside the benefits of choosing a durable set for the UK weather. You can find out more about Majestique Rattan in this video:



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