UK Company Creating Waves in the Gardening Space

Have you ever needed a relaxing area to sit outside in your back yard? I know I have. But it can be difficult to find an affordable and reliable provider, especially in the UK.

We look into the new company owned by Sapcote Garden Centre, who are starting to create waves in the UK online industry in 2016.

Who are Gardencentreshopping?

They are an online furniture retailer, owned and operated by Sapcote Garden Centre, and based in Sapcote, Leicestershire, United Kingdom. They provide premium quality garden furniture, available for home delivery, and are known for their Winawood™ weatherproof range, as well as their reclining rattan furniture range. Both of these items are known to be highly weather-resistant, with the Winawood™ coming with a 2 year guarantee. Not bad for a product that you can leave outside all year round.

More information can be found here:

During March and Spring time, the planting season in your allotment will change drastically. That’s why now it’s Autumn, you want to be preparing your materials for next spring, and preparing the ground areas so that they are ready for March time planting. Things like compost, bulbs, and seeds should be purchased as early as possible.

The video above mentions more on the weatherproof furniture situation at Gardencentreshopping, and can be an interesting watch if you haven’t seen it before.


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